Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Socrative: I can't believe it is free!

Hi all!

Thanks to a fellow teacher, I have been turned on to Socrative. You need to check this out now! Seriously! Stop what you are doing, open another tab, and go see what they are offering teachers!

Socrative is a FREE Web 2.0 student response system that turns any device connected to the internet into a "clicker." I know, you probably have something else you currently use, but check out these highlights:

• Create custom "quizzes" made up of multiple choice, true/false, and SHORT ANSWER!

• Socrative has a custom "Exit Ticket" that students can complete.

• A report listing students' answers can either be downloaded or emailed to you as an Excel file.

• Socrative works with any device connected to the internet. I tried it with my Blackberry Curve and it worked awesome! That's saying something...

• For iOS users, there are free student and teacher apps.

• "Space Race" allows you to turn a quiz into a game.

• You don't need to type in questions. Just ask them "on the fly" and have students type in their answers.

Watch this video to learn a bit more:

Have a happy day!

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