Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ITIP of the Week: Increase Student Engagement with THINK-INK-LINK



Last week, I told  you about the Yes/No/Why and how it can be a powerful writing/engagement activity. This week, I am going to tell you about its close relative...


Here are the rules for THINK/INK/LINK

1. Provide a prompt. Give the students something to write about.

2. Students SILENTLY think for a given amount of time. I usually use 30 seconds to a minute and students cannot write anything. This is time to just wrap their brains around their answer.

3. Students write their answer in NO MORE than TWO COMPLETE SENTENCES using ACADEMIC LANGUAGE. Again, I give them no more than a minute. Set a timer on both this and the second step!

4. Students then get up from their seats, find a partner, and take turns reading their answers VERBATIM!

Here's the rationale for this simple, yet powerful, activity:

• Students are writing! Not everything has to be an essay or long journal entry.

• Two sentences using academic language are far more powerful than a page of rambling slang, yes?

• Students are learning to think before they act. We could all learn from this.

• By having them read their answers verbatim, students are then SPEAKING in complete sentences. This doesn't happen too often, does it?

• By moving out of their seat and finding a partner, blood is moving from their caboose back up to their brain.

Try it out! I know you will love the results!

Have a happy day!

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