Monday, October 27, 2014

Digital Citizenship Week 2014

Hi all!

Last week was Digital Citizenship Week and below is the video I made for our students' weekly 1:1 lesson.

In the video, I take exception to the phrase "Digital Citizenship" because it seems to infer that we should behave differently with technology than we do without. Further, schools are all asking "Where do we teach Digital Citizenship? Where should we? Who is responsible?"

To me, it should be "citizenship." This then begs the question "Where do you teach 'citizenship' in schools? The answer is "EVERYWHERE." Technology is now an inseparable part of our everyday life, so if you teach "citizenship" it is your responsibility to address "digital citizenship." If your students are using technology, it is your responsibility to be sure they are using it safely, respectfully, responsibly, and correctly.

As Abraham Lincoln said in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, "Be excellent to each other!"

Have a happy day!

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